The new app developers are how young?!

Recently while driving home from the grocery store I caught a NPR news story about young app developers.  And I do mean young (tweens and teens).  The app developer that was being highlighted was 13 year old Berry Middle School student Ozair Patel.  He would be characterized as the student in your classroom that is very smart but lacks some organization skills.  The one who can remember everything on the handout but forgets to bring the handout to class.  To help with this problem he, with the help from his father, developed Berry School Mate, an official Apple Application.  Ozair’s app has been well received by those in his school district and other schools.  Tech developer for Hoover School District stated that Ozair is working on apps for other schools in the district.  He wouldn’t share how Ozair would be paid (or how much) but made sure to point out the they would be closely following all child labor laws.

It is predicted that mobile app sales will double in the next year.  As the ability to make apps becomes easier and as students see the monetary advantages of making apps, a reasonable prediction would be that what the .com developers and industry was for 2000’s the app developers will be for the 2010’s.  Or will it even extend to the 2020’s as those just starting to develop apps still have 8-10 years before they finish college?


3 thoughts on “The new app developers are how young?!

  1. I remember hearing this story. I also remember hearing either as part of this story or another done by NPR that some schools were not so keen on the use of student made apps. One app. was designed to work with the grading system and the school was afraid of the security issues. Schools keep trying to control the way students use technology and that is definately beating your head against the wall. What I think was most interesting about his description is that he was unorganized wich seems to be a common complaint about a lot of young people. I do think it is a by product of our tecch world. As educators we are going to have to find ways to direct them so they can find ways that use their way of thinking to help them organize. Fortunately for this students he had a father who could help him.

  2. What a great problem solving activity for this student, and what a great way to engage a student with the apptitude and patience to complete this project. This student must have such a boost in his confidence and competence because of the reception of the adult teaching community and his peers. As we look at ways to encourage teachers to use technology in their classrooms, we realize that they need to have the encouragement to work through the process. Omair has demonstrated a method to accomplish that very purpose. He recognized a need, and then developed a plan to meet that need.

  3. This is great news Sarah. In a few more years you won’t have to wait for IT to fix or add something to your computer because you will be able to have your students create a new app or program for you.

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