Technology use in the classroom (or lack of technology in the classroom)

“Technology use in the classroom depends on how teachers view themselves as tech users.”

This was my “tweet” from technology class earlier today based on the readings from two weeks ago dealing with teacher technology self-efficacy.

I see this everyday in school, especially if the day started with my tech in education small group.  Many of the teachers in the group do not view themselves as technology users.  I would even say that some of them are afraid of the technology in their classrooms.  I fall into this category too from time to time.  I have an IWB and a doc camera in my room and they are mostly used for teacher lead activities.  I’m sad to say that my students do not get to use them as much as I would like.  I am hopeful that as I become more  comfortable in designing lessons for my board I will start to give up some of my control and let me students use the them.

I do see myself as a tech user and as I have modeled to other teachers to usefulness of the available pieces of technology and they have be given time to have guided practice using the technology, they are using it more and more in their classrooms.  As they feel more like a tech user, they are asking questions and sharing how they are using technology in their rooms.  My hope is that this model will continue.


2 thoughts on “Technology use in the classroom (or lack of technology in the classroom)

  1. Sarah-
    I think it is fantastic that you are supporting other teachers in developing self-efficacy. It is interesting that you share that your technology use is mostly teacher-lead. I think when we look at how we are supported in learning about technology pieces, it is often teacher-led, and we have to learn on our own how to use that technology with our students.
    Is there a way for you to find out if teachers are using the technology? That would help you to see if what you are giving them has developed into some self-efficacy of the tools-

    • You ask a great question and one I ask myself from time to time. I am fortunate to teach in a small school and that I’m at the very end of one of the hallways. This gives me many opportunities to look into almost every room as we walk down the hall and see what teachers are doing. I do see many of the teachers use the technology in their rooms, but for most it is teacher-centered. As we have learned more of the ins and outs of the software the teachers are designing lessons that are more interactive. Also, I give “homework” for my small group and then have some time to share during our session.

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