My new toy

After many years of waiting and wanting, I finally broke down and got one.  And yes, mine is white.

I got an iPhone 4s and I think I’m in love.  I haven’t downloaded many apps but I have loved being able to get my email anywhere.  I know that I will need to be careful when using it so I do not become one of the rude people who are always on their smartphone.  That is my challenge to myself.  I will not check my email while having a meaningful conversation with another person.  I will not play Words with Friends during school or dinner.  I will not ask Siri anymore funny questions.  Ok, I might ask her one of these especially if I’m showing off my new phone to friends.  I also will not treat Siri like HAL.  I promise to only use my powers for good not for evil (though evil can be fun!).

The purchase of my new toy, I mean phone, has me thinking about how I might use my phone for educational purposes while I’m working on my doctoral classwork or how it might make my life simpler.  So far I have enjoyed checking my email, getting weather updates, listening to my itunes music, using the maps app to find nearby coffee and food while away from home, and taking some fun pictures.  I am sure I will find more and more uses as I have more and more time to use it.  I know many of you already have iPhones and so I am interested in how you use it and what apps you find yourself using the most.


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