The not forgotten blog

I know, I know, I haven’t been blogging as much as I was this fall.  Overall I haven’t really been writing that much this winter.  But do not fear, I have not forgotten this blog.  I think about it quite often (especially when I have doing “must-do writing” for class).  It is my goal, as this month comes to an end and as I see I have not posted anything since Christmas, that I will get back to writing here more often.  I give all of you  fair warning–what you might read here could possibly be just ramblings about life in general and not about teaching, grad work, or technology.  There are many other things I am thinking about, planning, and involved in that I might be writing about.  I will try to remember to tag future posts so those just interested in technology, teaching, etc…might be able to find things better.

I have something I need must finish today so expect a longer post in the near future.


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