2015 Resolution: I need to write so I can do more writing…does that even make since?

So here it goes…I’m really putting this out on the interwebs which means it is true because everything you find on the internet if true.  Now, I know I’m a few days late thinking about, posting about, sharing about my New Year’s resolution but I figure it goes along with my whole “asking for forgiveness than permission” personality.  There are a host of other reasons why I’m writing this but I’ll get to those later.  Here’s my 2015 resolution:  I resolve to not necessarily get healthy (lose weight or be able to beat my 5k PR), to not have a cleaner house (but try to keep things the way they are), instead I will finish my dissertation and be Dr. Bond before Christmas 2015.  Actually, I would really like to be Dr. Bond before next birthday but am giving myself an extra month and a half buffer to have everything completed so I can even graduate in December 2015.

Okay, so what does this have to do with this blogpost?  In order to reach my goal I need to get back into the swing of writing something everyday.   Really, I think I need to publish something everyday to keep my fingers used to typing and my brain use to writing and getting thoughts down.  By publish I mean in the way Calkins and Graves talk about the publish phase of the writing cycle–to make public.  I don’t really know if I’ll publish and post everything I write on this blog but I do hope to write something here everyday to help see how my writing improves (especially my writing stamina which I know pretty  much does not exist right now much like my 5k PR).  That’s were the title of this post comes into play.  So I can write academically I need to do non-academic writing along with some semi-academic writing. So those of you reading this, this is a warning (read this statement as “if you are a subscriber to this blog you might want to unsubscribe for a while”–my feelings will not be hurt) this blog might become more of a place to dump all the simple words and sentences I need to use up before I start using more complex words and sentences.  Sometimes this will be stream of consciousness writing.  Sometimes it might be a quick note about something that happened during the day.  Sometimes it might be about what I’m reading about for my dissertation.  Tonight it is stream of consciousness writing.  As for what kind of writing it will be tomorrow–only tomorrow knows because I have NO CLUE!!


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