Friday has come

Reader be warn–I am a little tired tonight so I’m just going to write and not go back to revise or edit.  If you find a mistake please keep that information to yourself!

For those of you who have read a post from this blog everyday this week-congrats?  Not sure if that is something to be proud of.  If you are using this blog and its posts for task avoidance than you and I should become friends.  I’m great at task avoidance and have been know to use this blog for that sole reason.   Here’s the good news.  Tonight’s post was written out of task avoidance.  What task am I avoiding?  Oh, there are many so the real question should be what tasks are you avoiding.  Could it be laundry? Nope, but good guess.  Dishes? Already completed those. Lesson plans? Got them mostly finished before coming home tonight.  Chapter 2? Ding, ding!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I have written a few words tonight (no 100 yet but may 25) but am at a standstill.  I know it’s not really writer’s block because here I am writing.  I’m also pretty sure it isn’t an organization problem.  Write Right now I am working on a section that is discussing phonological awareness (PA).  I know a lot about but am having a hard time thinking about what it is I want to say about PA, as it might relate to my study.  This might mean that I need to go back and re-read (and take some more notes on) some of the articles and books I’ve been reading.  So I will leave you for tonight to go and read, before I fall asleep.


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