How Technology Brought my Family Closer Today

I don’t mean emotionally closer but instead I mean closer, as in feeling in close physical proximity to each other.  I live on the Eastern half of the county and most of my extended family lives in the Midwest and Northern Plains states.  Today was a very big day for one of my cousins as his Alma Mater was in a big football championship game (if they won it was going to be their fourth in a row–they did win).  Somehow my cousin was able to get tickets for the game.  At around 10:00 this morning I received the first text from him sharing that he was at the game, wearing yellow, and to be on the look out for him starting at noon (central time) on ESPN-2. This was followed by a stream of messages from my mother, sister, other cousin, aunt, and uncle.  I do not have cable so I did not watch the game but I know most of the family did as they sent messages back and forth about how they felt the ref made a bad call or how amazing the winning catch and touchdown were.  In a way these messages were our way of leaning over and talking into the ear of the person next to us at the game.  The main difference was my cousin was in Texas at the game and the rest of us were hundreds of miles away and in other time zones.  And yet I felt like we were all in the same room together trying to find my cousin on the TV while watching the game.

I hope NDSU makes it to next year’s championship game and I hope my cousin goes again so we can all experience the game together while being so far part!  Go Bison!


1 thought on “How Technology Brought my Family Closer Today

  1. Loved it. It is so much fun to be part of an on-going conversation. I sometimes feel a bit bad because Bev gets left out. However, she does not have the close connection with Ryan and Karen that we have. I’ve had a number of these with that gang and I love it! And I love the ones with you and Rachel

    I’m just a bit weary today. No sleep. I always fel on alert. The Xanax wiped your dad out. He stayed home today. I just went to sing with the choir and then came home we have a hospitality house supper tonight. I made birthday cakes for it, but don’t know if we’ll get there. I never know people at these events.

    So, I’m supposed to wear Ohio State clothes tomorrow. I have none. Not buying anything either. I’ll just wear gray.

    Love reading your blog. I like the energy you bring to it. And I can see your smile in it.

    Love you.


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