2-Day Absence

I know I promised to write something here everyday but I think I would like to change that just a bit.  I will try to write something 6 days a week and probably take Sunday as a rest from posting.  So that’s my reason for not writing on Sunday (I won’t talk about the almost three hour nap my kids and I had that afternoon).  Yesterday was an early evening for me as I felt under the weather which equaled going to bed when I put the kids to bed and no post.  Being a sick mother of two young children is no fun but add to that the fact that I also teach 5 and 6 years old–I really need my energy.  The good news–I’m writing tonight and hope to not have another break in posts until Sunday. That’s all for today.

Before I forgot-Congrats to The Ohio State!  National Champs.  O-H-….


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