I don’t know which is worst?

I’m not sure which I would have rather done a Coach to 5k New Year Resolution or the writing one.  Here’s why…when one makes a fitness goal it is not uncommon at the onset to experience some discomfort as muscles that have not been used in a long time find their new purpose (sometimes unwillingly).  And to add an extra layer of fun, because it is winter you are likely to get sick.  And then you feel gross.  And one day you decide that your bed is calling to you louder than the gym and you answer.  Once the illness is over, you try going back to the gym but it is without the excitement you had for it just a week ago because of the forced break you took due to illness.

With a writing goal you might also feel some discomfort at the onset because you are trying to get the words that are floating in your head down in someway that will make sense to others.  You are also trying to think of topics that will be interesting to these others who might come across your writing.  And then, because it is winter, you get sick.  And the call from your bed (or coach in front of the TV) is louder than the call from your computer and you answer.  That describes me the end of last week.  2-3 days of just vegging on the coach trying to feel like a person again.  The only real thoughts I had were I need to make sure I drink but if I drink too much I’ll have to get up and go to the bathroom–I don’t really have the energy for that.  I think I’ll go with dehydration.  I think the whole family is thankful I am better now.  But now, like the person in the paragraph above, I’m struggling to find that inner-drive to get back to work.  That I daily spend time to read and write and not waste it.

So as the title suggests, I don’t know which is worst.   I’m just glad to be back in normal health.  Also, I’m glad that while there was a slight dry spell on this blog it is my hope that the rains have returned and that the everything is starting to return to the lushness it was before the drought (or really that it would become more lush).

Happy Monday all!


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