Where are you? (as said like a little 2-yr old girl) Here I am. (as said like the girl’s mother)

Today is a cold, May day.  I think what made it colder than usual was that I had to spend most of the day outside on a field trip.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this field trip.  It is my all time favorite.  It’s to this diary farm about an hour away.  The kids get to see the milking area and the processing plant.  Plus, at the end of the day there’s ice cream.  That ice cream and walking through the huge fridge are usually the highlights of this trip.  Today I was dreading it.  I almost chose not to get ice cream but then I came to my senses–hello, it’s ice cream!!

Now that I’m trying to spend some time reading, the cold and trip are catching up to me.  I thought I would be proactive to fight the fatigue I knew would set in by ordering a latte and bring some essential oils with me that are labeled “invigorating”.  Well, either they are taking a long time to get to work OR I’m pretty tired.  While reading I was falling asleep.  I closed eyes to blink and it turned into a long, sleep-like blink.  That’s when I came over here to do a little writing.

It has been a while since I did any non-school related writing.  I feel like I have been doing a lot of school related writing lately.  Writing lesson plans, emails, teacher reports for IEPs, report card comments…all of these do not give me the same satisfaction as writing some personal narratives or some expository texts.  School writing does not help to clear my mind like writing a blog post does.  So, the purpose of this evening’s post is not to be something mind blowing for my few readers.  The purpose of tonight’s post is to help me wake up so I can do a little more work before calling it a night.

I wonder how long these effects will kick in and last.  Here’s to finding out!


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