Slice of Life Tuesday–Living with Toddlers

Two Writing Teachers

Today I’m adding to the Slice of Life writing community.  For more posts from other bloggers, head over the Two Writing Teachers.  If you have time, look at some of their other blog posts.  I was just introduce to this blog this summer and plan on checking in for ideas to help enrich my students’ writing.

And now, the story.

As some of you know (my regular readers–aka family members), I share a house with my husband and two toddlers (ages 3 and 2).  I’m sure many of you are living in similar situations OR you lived in a similar situation so what I write might bring back memories.

As a mother, I try to find ways to have my little ones help out around the house so they start to develop a sense that people in a family help each other and rely on each other.  One way I’ve found is to have them help set the table.  Usually, they put out just the silverware–I like my dishes.  So a few nights ago I ask Charlie, my daughter (2), to put the spoons on the table.  We were having soup and so the spoons were pretty important.  Chuck, my son (3), was to put the forks out.  We all come to the table to eat, each place had a fork but the spoons are NO WHERE to be found.

First mistake, asking the 2-year-old where she put the spoons.  She is pretty vocal and understandable, but not this time.  Either she was telling us and we didn’t understand her or she didn’t know either.  We ask Chuck, he doesn’t know.  Everyone is hungry so instead of going on a hunting party to find the 4 missing spoons, my husband just gets new ones.

After dinner, we’re cleaning up and still the spoons are no where to be found.  It was starting to feel like they completely disappeared into thin air.  We go on with the rest of the night knowing they will turn up some time.

The next morning, everyone is getting ready for their day.  The husband took the kids to daycare as I had a meeting that morning.  As I’m getting my things together I go in our hallway to pick up my computer bag, which was on the kids’ play kitchen.  There, in the sink, were the missing spoons!  Why Charlie decided to put them in there?  That’s a question for the ages, or at least for our family.  The lesson I’ve learned would be: when you give the toddler the most important eating utensil, watch her to make sure she puts them on the table.  Or maybe Charlie was trying to teach me this lesson: if you want something done right, do it yourself! (I really hope that was not the lesson)

Happy Tuesday and look for the slice in your life to share with the world so you too can become a part of this wonderful opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday–Living with Toddlers

  1. I have a two year old and we have found our silverware in the garbage, so I’m glad I saw that in time! Thanks for sharing this. . . parenting of toddlers lasts such a short time and it’s such a great age. 🙂

  2. The (in)famous toddler logic! Obviously, spoons get washed in the sink, Mom, so that’s where I put them, never mind the actual instructions.

    When this happens in my house, sometimes I don’t find the missing item for months (once, it was an entire year). Thanks for your words; I am not alone!

  3. It sounds as if she is a girl who works with the end in mind-the spoons would eventually end up in the sink, so therefore just put them there in the beginning. I love it.

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