Slice of Life Tuesday-Thinking about 3s

Yesterday I was thinking about threes.  There’s the old thought that events, usually bad things, happen in threes.  Like when celebrities die, it seems to happen in threes (last Christmas we had George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds). Also, many fairy tales and folk tales have three as a main feature: the three little pigs, the three bears, three billy goats, the three musketeers, the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty.   Here’s what I’m calling my three for this week (I’m really hoping!).

Number 1. Last weekend a household idea of convenience, the dryer, started flashing an error message with a “call for service” message.  Never a good sign, but because laundry needed to be done (oldest didn’t have any clean pants) I tried the “turn it off and on again” IT Crowd method.  We were able to get a few more loads clean before the message reappeared.  Now we’re waiting for the repair company to come.  It truly is a convenience to have a washer and dryer just steps away from the family room.  It’s a huge difference from having to go down three flights of stairs when we lived in the apartment the first years we were married and for many it would be a welcomed change from having to walk blocks to the nearest laundry mat.

Number 2. There’s nothing more unnerving than a noise that shouldn’t be there.  What’s more unnerving is when it is a noise that should only happen when turning something on or off.  That’s what happen last week, late one night, when I was coming home from working at the local coffee shop.  I was getting ready to stop at an intersection when I heard it.  My sunroof slid open, just a bit, and then slid shut.  That has never happened before and it didn’t happen again the rest of the ride home.  When I pulled into my driveway I turned the knob to open my sunroof. It worked.  I quickly turned the knob to close it. Hasn’t happened since.

Number 3.  We take for granted the little convenience we have in modern society.  We are able to communicate with anyone at just about anytime and in just about any place with the use of our smartphones.  We have cars with built in GPS to help us get from one place to some place new.  Heck, we don’t even have to put a key in the ignition anymore in some cars!  Just push a button and off you go! But even smaller, to gain entry into our cars we do not have to find the lock, put our key in, and turn (which is a plus the morning after an ice storm).  Just like starting the car, you push a button and the doors unlock, they lock, and a push of a button can even lift the gate of your trunk.  We’re so use to that function that when it doesn’t work we’re almost paralyzed.  At the end of the day yesterday, I was walking out to my car, pressing the unlock button on my key fab.  Usually when the car unlocks the headlights flash.  Nothing was happening!  I kept pressing and still nothing.  I tried locking the car.  It made the “honk” noise indicating that I had successfully locked the car but when I tried, again, to unlock it–nothing.  Try the hatchback, I thought.  I pressed the trunk button.  Success again, but still the car would not unlock.  One of the second grade teachers and her daughter walked by on their way to their car asking if I need anything.  We decide to have the daughter (a 5th grader) climb through the trunk and into the car (not an easy task with two carseats).  She makes her way to the front seat.  We have her try to press the unlock button on the car door.  Nothing!  I know as soon as she opens the door the alarm will sound (past experience) but I have her do it anyway.  We do manage to silence the alarm.  I even try to unlock the door using the real key located in the fob.  I unlock, open the door, and ALARM! Thankfully I live very close to school.  I had my husband bring his key fob.  Miraculously, his worked and I finally arrive home.  I did learn, once home, that you can silence the alarm by starting the car.  Here’s hoping all will work at 7:00 when I get ready to go to school (and today it’s raining–really don’t want to be stuck messing around with it AND getting wet!).

When you think of events happening in threes, once you’re able to identify the three does that mean you’ll be free from mishaps for a while?  I sure hope so.


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday-Thinking about 3s

  1. We too believe in things happening in threes, good or bad. And usually they do happen and we have no answer as to why they happen. And I believe we should not try to analyze everything. Regards

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