Ironing–I’ve been doing it wrong

Today’s Slice of Life post is about a chore I do not do very often, ironing.  When getting dressed in the morning, if something is wrinkled I do one of three things: pick something else to wear, put it in the laundry basket (even though it might be clean), or iron it.  Usually I pick one of the first two options but one morning a few weeks ago I had to go with option three because I was running low on pants options.  I love corduroy pants, especially the jean-style kind.  It’s like wearing jeans to school on any day and getting away with it! When I pulled the gray corduroy pants from my closet, instead of ready to wear pants I found a wrinkled mess!  So wrinkled were these pants that I don’t think the 15 minute dryer steam option would have made any difference (that is sometimes a forgotten option 4 from the earlier list).  I knew the only why I would be walking out of the house with these pants as my fashion choice was the get out the board, fill the iron with water, and try to iron them.  I say “try” because in the past I didn’t seem to be very successful in ironing corduroy pants department.  I’d slap the pants onto the ironing board, set the iron on high (with high steam), and start to spray, steam, and iron away. Sure, most of the wrinkles would be removed but the wale would look funny.  All of a sudden, the thought came “Why not iron the pants inside-out?”  Could that be the answer to my corduroy ironing dilemma? Would simply turning my pants inside-out make ironing easier, give me the wrinkle-free corduroy pants I want while keeping the wale looking crisp and fresh?  People, it was an ironing epiphany! 20 years of being an adult and I just figured out how to easily iron corduroy pants.  Maybe the saying shouldn’t be “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”.  Maybe, instead the saying should be “old dogs learn new tricks to make life easier”?


5 thoughts on “Ironing–I’ve been doing it wrong

  1. Sarah, I love your choices as ironing is so far down the list on “desired chores” but I concur – many clothes are best ironed inside out so “iron marks” aren’t left on shiny fabrics either. It’s always interesting when that NEW idea hits and, VOILA, a new choice is discovered. Your slice so captured those early morning fashion choices! Comfort? Too wrinkled? Supposed to be wrinkled?

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