OLW 2018

I’ve been reading about OLW (One Little Word) and reading about other’s OLWs on blog posts and Twitter.  It is an interesting concept.  Instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution, people are choosing one word to guide them through the year.  Words I’ve seen include create, creative, patient, positive, flexible, learn, discover, peace…the list can go on and on.  I found it interesting to note that many of the OLWs were verbs and adjectives.  I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising as the word someone chooses is to describe what they are striving towards.  I’ve never picked on OLW before but I’ve dabbled with resolutions.  I say dabble because like most people, I do not complete or reach the end goal of my resolutions.  One year my resolutions were the write more blog posts and complete my dissertation.  I’m pretty sure neither happened as I didn’t finish my dissertation until 2017 and I’m pretty sure I didn’t write another blog post the rest of that year!  It can be exciting to make a resolution but soon it because the new Christmas toy; the kids played with the new toy the day after Christmas but rarely played with it from then on out.

Here it is the third day of 2018 and I haven’t decided if I should make a New Year’s resolution or choose a OLW.  I do have a 2018 to-do wish list.  Maybe, if I write the list out I will be able to find a common theme and pick my OLW from there.  Or, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing while trying to enjoy this next trip around the sun.


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