On a cold January night

Tonight I am thankful.  I am thankful for the warm clothing I am wearing.  The layers of wool and cotton I was able to afford.  I am thankful for the warm coat I wore on my way to where I’m writing tonight.  It is long enough to cover the parts that need to be covered and filled with one of nature’s best insulators, down.  I am thankful for the car I that brought me to where I am writing tonight.  It has all of its windows, a heater that works, and as an added bonus–heated seats.  I am thankful  for the warm house I will be able to go home to in a few hours after I have finished my work.  It has more than enough space for our family and provides protection on cold days like today.

I am thankful for the warming stations communities have opened up for those who do not have a warm place today.  I am thankful for modern weather predicting.  While it seems like the predictions that are made vary from the weather that actually appears, it at least gives people a chance to prepare.

For those of you who are feeling the effects of the bitter cold and winter storms now blanketing most of the Eastern part of the United States, stay warm and check on your neighbors.


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