The problem with research

Happy Sunday all!  Before you get on your high horse and remind me that I haven’t written anything in a few days I’m counting today as a win.  Why a win?  Because I’m actually writing something and a day of writing is better than a day of not writing, no matter how many days have passed.

Now onto explaining what I mean in today’s title.  Currently I am working on the reading section of my dissertation.  Chapter 2 for me consists of sections on visual perception, kindergarten readiness, readiness assessments, and emergent literacy.  One of the sub-sections under emergent literacy is reading achievement and that is section I’m stuck on right now.  Not that I do not have ideas about reading achievement, but they are my ideas.  There is an unspoken rule about dissertation writing: writers don’t have the authority to have  their own ideas until chapter 5.  This means I’m trying to find research articles explaining what reading achievement is, how it is measured, and why it is important.  If any of you out in reader land have thoughts or ideas of search terms, please let me know.  I would really like to be done with this section by the end of the month.  Thanks and talk with you later this week.

And as I wrote about earlier–let me know if you spot any grammar issues.


It has been recommended…

It’s Wednesday which usually means I have time to run away for a few hours and do some reading/writing/working on my dissertation (HEY MOM! like the parallel structure there?!). If you haven’t noticed already, my grammar leaves a lot to be desired. I think my writing has good voice but I’m sure there are many people who read this and go “Oh my! This girl has a higher degree?”. See, like that punctuation right there. Without looking it up, I’m not even sure that’s right. It looks right-ish and sounds right-ish but I’m betting a Junior High student would be able to tell me if my punctuation is correct.

So where am I going with this entry? Good question. Like a doctor who has recommended a daily health regimen for a patient, it has been recommended that I make sure I have a daily writing regimen.

Currently I am in the process of doing a lot of reading for my dissertation therefore I am not doing a lot of writing. Because of this, my writing skills suffer (especially the grammar skills). This is where the blog, again, is the solution to this problem. By writing something here, in a more regular fashion, I am leaving myself open for comments. It is my hope that when some of you are reading this, you find some of my grammar mistakes and offer suggestions on how to fix them. I might take your suggests and revise posts or I might comment back asking for further explanation. Just beware, if you comment, you might be asked to help proof my writing.

I think that will do it for tonight. I have a limited amount of time and I should probably get some real work done before I can’t think straight.

Happy Grammar Hunting!